BRS-U Skin/Face Database is now available

In the context of the research projects FeGeb and SPAI, skin samples from a large number of test subjects have been recorded using a near-infrared spectrometer. In addition, images of the subject’s faces have been captured using both a standard, but  color camera and a multispectral near-infrared camera system developed at the BRS-U. The goal of this measurement campaign was to proof the robustness of the method for contactless skin detection based on multispectral SWIR sensor and imaging systems proposed by the BRS-U and to train classification algorithms to reliably distinguish genuine skin from other materials.

Large parts of the resulting database has now been made available free of charge for academic and scientific purposes and can be requested here.

Institute website is currently being revised

For a long time, there have been no updates on the institute’s website. This is about to change: we started revising the website and adding information about current and already finished research projects, as well as a list of publications and presentations in the context of the research institute.

Until the changes and updates are complete, some parts of the website will seem to be incomplete. Please accept our apologies for this and check back with us soon!